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Summer Means Increased Risk of Dog Bites Involving Georgia Children

Warm Georgia weather brings more children out to play in parks and playgrounds, as well as an increased number of dog owners walking their pets.Unfortunately, this combination always increases the number of dog bites involving children.
In addition, the issue of dog bites and children is likely to be more prominent in our state after a recent incident involving a pet store altercation where a small child was bitten by a dog.The child and his mother were at the store when the child reached out to pet a little dog.The animal attacked him, leaving the child with serious injuries, including 9 stitches on his nose.

When a witness tried to stop the two men who owned the dog from leaving the store, one of them allegedly brandished a weapon, and threatened him before they drove away.

This incident illustrates two common characteristics of dog bite events.First, children are at particular risk of being attacked because they cannot recognize the risk.They are also less able to defend themselves after an attack begins.Second, pet owners are often very protective of their animals, and refuse to accept that their loving dog or cat is to blame for attacking another person.

However, statistics prove that children are the largest victims of dog bites in the United States.There are approximately 4.7 million Americans attacked by dogs annually, suffering injuries that are serious enough to require a visit to the hospital.Out of these, 600,000 involve children.

Please take time this spring to talk with your children about the risks that exist with all animals.Also, protect yourself by always having your pet on a leash, and avoiding stressful situations that may cause an animal to react differently than normal.If you or a loved is injured by an animal, contact the dog bit attorneys at Katz Personal Injury Lawyers for help.

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