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Student Injured in DeKalb County School Bus Accident

Student Injured in DeKalb County School Bus Accident

News of a school bus accident is enough to cause concern to any Georgian. These vehicles carry some of the most precious cargo, and children may be at serious risk of injuries in these accidents. At least one student has been hospitalized with injuries after an accident involving two DeKalb County school buses this week.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, the accident occurred on Monday, when bus number 1794 of the McClendon Elementary School struck bus number 1282 at the Lawrenceville Highway and Interstate 285 intersection. One of the children suffered cuts, and was taken to a hospital. Fortunately, there were no other injuries in the accident. The accident seems to have been caused when bus number 1794 backed up into the other bus.

A bus driver who is speeding, or distracted while driving (In Georgia, school bus drivers are banned from talking on the cell phone – even on a hands free set – or texting on one, while driving the bus) may be named in a claim.

School districts and boards have a responsibility when it comes to hiring and training drivers. These vehicles are entrusted with dozens of young lives, and so, drivers must be free of a history of substance abuse, and have an excellent safety record. Failure to follow proper hiring, training and supervision practices can result in the school board or district being named in a claim.

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