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Slip and Fall Accidents: Expensive and Highly Preventable

Although icy conditions are often thought of when the topic of slip and fall accidents arises, the risk of suffering this type of injury is very high in the summer months.This is due in part to the large number of people visiting airports, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, sports fields, and other commercial spaces.However, very often, these same places conceal dangerous conditions that can cause serious leg and back injuries.
The best Atlanta slip and fall accident lawyers all agree that the most effective way for businesses to deal with slip and falls is to prevent them.This requires two things.First, recognize the common causes of falls.And second, implement safety protocols for removing the danger.

Some of the most common slip and fall accidents involve flooring that conceals various hazards.For instance, a floor that is wet because of a spill can pose a serious hazard, and when the floor is the kind that is often used in commercial spaces like marble and granite, the spill may not be easily visible.Businesses must ensure that all public walkways are constantly monitored, and that any spills are cleaned up immediately.

In outdoor areas, where it is not possible to mop up every spill, it is important to make sure the drainage is sufficient to reduce the puddling of water.Moreover, when the flooring is wet due to construction or renovation activity, adequate warning signs should be posted to alert users of the risk of a fall.

Other common hazards lurk on stairways and staircases.Trip and fall accidents happen often on stairways due to broken nosing or steps that cause a loss of balance.Make sure that stairs are properly maintained, well-constructed, and there are no cracks or breakages that could cause a fall.All staircases must also be equipped with guardrails that are sturdy and comply with local building codes.

Retail businesses like shops and arcades must maintain their aisles and passageways and keep them clutter-free.Boxes or objects left lying on the floor are serious slip and fall accident hazards.Commonly used areas like walkways must be properly illuminated to increase visibility and reduce fall risks.Avoid the risk of slip and fall accidents involving carpeting and mats by making sure that these are properly installed, and also that no corners are sticking up.

Our firm would like to see businesses taking a more active role in preventing slip and fall accidents.We are committed to representing injury victims and families who have suffered injury or death due to negligence on the part of a business or homeowner.

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