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Sleep Deprivation Could Increase Car Accident Personal Injury Risks

Too  little sleep could increase a person’s risk of suffering not just auto accident – related personal injuries, but also personal injuries from slip and fall accidents  as well as personal injuries during sports.

In a new study, researchers focused on 3 different types of personal injuries, including injuries caused in sports, during slip and fall accidents as well as injuries caused when a person is involved in an auto accident, and their link to sleep deprivation.  They found that  lack of sufficient sleep affected the  risk of preventable personal injuries.

The researchers looked at three different categories of sleep – very little sleep which is sleep below 4 hours in duration,  short sleep which is sleep of between 5 and 6 hours in duration,  healthy  sleep which is  sleep of between 7 and 8 hours and long sleep which is sleep of greater than 9 hours. They also divided sleep quality into three categories, including the ability to fall and stay asleep, feel refreshed and rested while waking up, and medication use.

Overall, they found that 9% of the adults in the study had suffered a  preventable personal injury, and out of these,  47% had suffered a  slip and fall – related injury, while 29% had suffered a sports injury and 6% had suffered an injury in an auto accident. Not surprisingly, adults with very little sleep and short sleep had a much higher rate of being injured in car accidents.  What was surprising was that even those who had long sleep of more than 9 hours in duration were also likely to have a much higher risk of suffering an injury.

Overall,  people who had very short sleep of below 4 hours had a  37% higher risk of suffering an injury  in an auto accident while those who had between 5 to 6 hours of sleep  had a 15% higher risk of suffering  an injury.  Those  who had very heavy sleep of above 9 hours were approximately 22% more likely to suffer injuries in an auto accident.

Persons who reported never waking up feeling refreshed  were 49% more likely to suffer injuries,  while those who  were sometimes rested on  waking up   were 36% more likely to suffer injuries in an accident. Medication use was also a significant factor in predicting injury risk.  In the study, persons  who took medications every night were 36% more likely to suffer injuries in an accident, while those who took medications only on some nights were 24% more likely to suffer injuries, compared to those who never took any medications. Medication  side effects can include dizziness, confusion, lack of alertness, disorientation and other factors that can increase the risks of suffering an injury.

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