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Seatbelt Failures Can Amplify Car Accident Injury Risks in Georgia

Seatbelt failures happen more often than most drivers think, and when these do occur, motorists may be at a serious risk of personal injury.Honda has now announced the recall of more than 311,000 vehicles because of potential seatbelt failure problems. Airbag and seatbelt failures are regular complaints received by accident attorneys nationwide.

The recall involves certain Pilot SUVs from model years 2009 to 2011.According to Honda, these vehicles may have a problem in the way that their seat belts have been sewn together.The stitching at the end of the lap belt on both the driver and front seat passenger seatbelt may not be complete, and the seatbelt may be at risk of coming loose from the anchor webbing during an accident.A person who is poorly restrained in a defective seatbelt like this is at a serious risk of traumatic injuries in an auto accident.

Honda has informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it has received two complaints about the defective seatbelts.One of these incidents involving a defective seatbelt occurred in 2010, while the other occurred this year.Honda owners whose vehicles are included in the recall are required to visit their dealers as quickly as possible, for an inspection.If necessary, the seatbelt will be replaced free of charge.Approximately 310,773 vehicles are included in the recall.

According to Honda, it is not aware of any injuries as a result of these defective seatbelts. Honda has investigated these incidents, and has attributed the problem to an inexperienced sewing machine operator at one of its suppliers.

Seatbelts are some of the most basic safety aids protecting motorists and passengers from serious, or even fatal, injuries in an accident.Therefore, any defect in the design or manufacture of seatbelts is definitely a cause for concern and enough reason for a recall. It’s the reason why Honda has not waited too long to initiate a recall of these vehicles.

Seatbelt use is widely believed to be one of the factors responsible for the decline in traffic accident deaths across the country.More Americans buckle up than ever before.Around the country, including in Georgia, seat belt usage is at record highs.

Atlanta car accident lawyers have law enforcement agencies to thank for this increased use of seat belts on Georgia.The Click It or Ticket program in Georgia kicks off every year with increased law enforcement activities to make sure that motorists are securely buckled in while driving.The program has been exceedingly successful in raising seat belt usage rates, and is believed to be one of the most successful programs encouraging seatbelt use while driving.The program includes law-enforcement as well as publicity campaigns.

However, when a person is unsafely restrained in a detective seatbelt, he may not even know that he has a high risk of being injured in an accident. A seatbelt may be unsafe when it is improperly latched, when it has fragile or torn webbing, or when there is retractor failure that results in slack.

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