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Safety Groups Fund Project to Prevent Speeding Accidents

Concerned at the increase in the number of auto accidents caused by speeding motorists, a coalition of safety groups has launched two new pilot projects in two separate states aimed at designing strategies to prevent these devastating crashes.

The coalition consisting of the Governors Highway Safety Association, the National Safety Foundation and the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety are funding two  separate pilot projects to study ways to reduce the impact of high speeds on motorist safety.  The two states are being granted $100,000 each to design and develop speed management strategies to prevent these crashes. The programs are meant to focus on a combination of engineering design and enhancements and  infrastructure improvements, as well as other proven methods of reducing speeding- related accidents, including education and awareness as well as public outreach. One state is expected to implement the program in a rural setting, while the other will implement the program in an urban area. The goal of the initiative is to design appropriate speed management strategies that can help reduce the impact of speed on highway safety.

Speed has always been a harmful factor in car accidents in the metro Atlanta region.  Unfortunately, over the past year, the role of speeding related car accidents that resulted in fatalities has actually increased. Approximately, nine thousand people die annually in accidents caused directly by speeding motorists. Those numbers increased in 2020 when lower traffic volumes led to an increase in the number of motorists driving at excessive speeds, leading to a spike in the number of related accident deaths recorded last year.  Speeding related accidents and their resulting injuries disproportionately affect teenage drivers more due to their relative lack of skill and maturity behind the wheel.

Speeding impacts not just motorists driving passenger vehicles, but also pedestrians, motorcyclists and bicyclists.  In fact, the increase in pedestrian accident deaths last year is being blamed partly on the higher volumes of speeding motorists in 2020.  Lower traffic volumes in several cities, including the metro Atlanta region, directly contributed to an increase in the number of speeding motorists.

The Governors Highway Safety Association believes that it is important to develop new strategies to prevent speeding-related accidents, because of an increase in the incidence of such dangerous behaviors recently. There is now, disturbingly enough, an increasing public acceptance of such dangerous practices, compounded by the  increase in speed limits in several states. Accidents caused by speeding are almost always devastating accidents with a high risk of ending in injuries or fatalities.

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