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Rotator Cuff Injuries Are a Frequent Result of Slip and Fall Accidents

Rotator cuff injuries often occur as a result of slip and fall accidents, or because of repetitive stress or strain over a period of time.A severe rotator cuff injury can leave a person in constant pain and with difficulty in shoulder movement.Now, a new experimental surgery is offering a ray of hope for people who suffer from these debilitating injuries. Injury attorneys in Atlanta and elsewhere welcome any surgery that is helpful with this injury.

In the case of moderate rotator cuff tears, there are surgeries that can help.However, in the case of severe rotator cuff injuries, surgical options are fairly limited.Typically, physical therapy is used to treat such injuries.Besides, doctors may also prescribe steroid injections or minor surgery.However, these treatments may have a limited effect, and over a period of time, rotator cuff injuries may lead to arthritis.In fact, in severe cases, the person may need partial or total shoulder replacement.Now Dr. Spero Karas, who also happens to be the associate professor of orthopedics at Emory Healthcare Sports Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia, is using a new procedure that can help fix serious injuries to the rotator cuff.

The surgery involves using a surgically placed cadaver tissue graft to replace and reattach the injured tendon.So far, studies have indicated that the experiment with this graft-to-bone technique is very effective in treating defective tendons and repairing the injury.Some patients who have had the surgery performed on them have been able to go back to their normal routine activities, including golf. However, this procedure will not work for all rotator cuff tears.

This procedure has not yet been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.However, the Food and Drug Administration does approve the use of grafts to strengthen traditional rotator cuff repairs.

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