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Road Debris on Atlanta Highways Contributes to Auto Accidents

Apart from DUI drivers and distracted motorists, Atlanta drivers face other equally dangerous risks from silent killers – road debris that has fallen off from pickup trucks, flatbed trucks and tractor trailers. Such debris regularly cause car accidents on Atlanta roads. If you are an Atlanta injury lawyer, you have seen the impact of this debris first hand in the auto accident cases which come through your office.

The number of people being killed every year in accidents caused by road debris is a matter of debate, and accidents don’t result every time objects fall off a truck or any other vehicle.However, when such debris takes motorists unawares causing them to brake suddenly, the results can be devastating.Besides, accidents can also be caused when the object flies directly into vehicles behind or around the car, crashing through windshields and injuring or killing occupants inside.

Last December, one person in Atlanta sustained serious injuries in an accident that was traced to road debris.In that accident, the woman had been driving on a highway when some debris, including tools and clamps, fell off a truck and onto the highway.Most of the cars that were behind the truck were able to avoid the debris, but the woman wasn’t as fortunate.A piece of equipment that had fallen off the truck crashed through the windshield of her car, and struck the driver in the head and face.She sustained serious injuries.

Most accidents caused by road debris occur when motorists panic and swerve to avoid the object.That very often leads to deadly accidents.Other times, injuries are caused when the debris smashes through the windshield of a car, often severely or fatally injuring drivers or passengers.From washing machines, entertainment systems and couches to cement blocks and fresh produce, the range of debris that Atlanta car accident lawyerscan trace to crashes, is wide.Unfortunately, drivers are not prepared for strange objects flying in their face at highway speeds, and the results are often disastrous. In the end, we will not eliminate road debris incidents. However, with tougher enforcement of laws requiring the securing of loads and more awareness of the issue, the number of these incidents can be reduced.

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