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Revolutionary New Treatment Helps Auto Accident Victims with Spinal Cord Injury Stand Again

Atlanta car accident attorneys have been encouraged by a flurry of promising new aids to help spinal Injury victims walk again.However, this particular breakthrough is very different – a young man who had been left paralyzed after a serious car accident in 2006, and was confined to a wheelchair, has been able to stand up on his own andeventake a few steps.The researchers are hailing this as one of the biggest breakthroughs in spinal cord injury research.

Spinal injuries are frequently seen in devastating car and truck accidents.These are some of the most debilitating injuries, leaving an individual with markedly reduced movement, sensation and mobility.There is no complete cure for spinal cord injury, which is why it is so encouraging when we have little signs of progress like this.

The man, Rob Summers had been left with a serious spinal cord injury that left him incapable of moving his legs, and controlling his bladder and bowel movements.Summers was chosen to participate in research at a Kentucky spinal research center.He underwent the surgical procedure to implant a device containing 16 electrodes in his spine just below the damaged area.When the device is switched on, it excites the damaged nerves of the spine, delivering signals from the leg muscles, and helping a person move his toes, feet and legs.

Summers can now stand without aid and take a few steps on his own, although the day when spinal cord injury patients will be able to walk about independently is quite far off.However, the fact that there has been this much progress is extremely encouraging to Atlanta personal injury lawyers and millions of people in the United States who suffer from spinal cord injuries.

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