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Report Indicates Drunk Driving Still Serious Threat

Report Indicates Drunk Driving Still Serious Threat

Fact – Drunk driving fatality rates have dropped significantly over the past five years.

Fact – Fatal drunk driving accidents account for 31% of all highway accidents in the US.

There is no contradiction in those facts.While we have made substantial progress in reducing the number of people being killed every year in accidents involving intoxicated motorists, these accidents still continue to occur in large numbers, killing thousands of people every year.A new report released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stresses exactly how serious the problem is.

The report includes the findings of a survey conducted by the NHTSA in 2008.The survey included drivers aged above 16 years.The survey indicated that approximately 1 in every 5 motorists admitted that he had driven under the influence at least once during the previous 12 months.Teen drivers between the ages 16 and 20 were less likely to say they had driven in an intoxicated condition.However, among the ones who did, the incidence of binge drinking was quite high.These teen motorists admitted to drinking at least six alcoholic drinks during a single sitting.

We’ve all seen those “don’t drink and drive” PSA’s on TV.Obviously, many of those are not reaching their target.The report comes at an opportune time.In a couple of weeks’ time, many Atlantans will be out celebrating the Labor Day weekend.We don’t want to play party pooper here, but it’s important to realize that your chances of being involved in a drunk driving accident will rise dramatically during the holiday.

There isn’t anything you can do to prevent others from drinking and driving.However, you can increase your chances of returning home safe and sound.Wear seatbelts, don’t drink and drive, and switch off your cell phone before driving.Spend some time mapping out an alternate route to your destination that will help you avoid congested streets.

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