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Reckless Driving Blamed for Fatal Gwinnett County Accident

Gwinnett County police are blaming reckless driving and failure to maintain lanes for a fatal accident over the weekend that killed a 19-year-old. A Valdosta man has been charged in the accident, which occurred on Sunday. According to police, the crash occurred near Lawrenceville. The suspect, James Griffin was driving a Silverado that swerved between lanes as it traveled southward on Lawrenceville-Suwanee Road, and then became airborne. The pickup truck landed on a Toyota Camry. The driver of the Camry was killed instantly in the accident.

The accident continues to remain under investigation, but police have already charged James Griffin with reckless driving and failure to maintain lanes.

Reckless driving is driving without regard for the rules of the road, or for other motorists’ safety. Such driving is much more harmful than merely disobeying traffic rules. Typically, reckless driving may include speeding, weaving between lanes, changing lanes improperly, running through red lights and other such undesirable driving practices.

Typically, in an accident involving a reckless driver, the other motorist is not prepared for the actions of the reckless driver, and may not be able to avoid the accident. For instance, there is little that a motorist can do to avoid a speeding driver who is weaving between lanes. That’s also the reason why accidents involving reckless driving often have devastating consequences. These are typically high-impact crashes, with serious injuries.

Anybody may be at risk for reckless driving. However, the risk of such driving may be higher among young and teen motorists, who are more susceptible to peer pressure. You’ll probably see lower incidences of reckless driving among senior drivers, although it’s not really possible to make a generalization.

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