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Questions Remain After Child’s Death in Atlanta School Bus Accident

Questions Remain After Child’s Death in Atlanta School Bus Accident

Earlier this week, a 5-year-old boy was killed when he was run over by a school bus. The driver of the bus has now been charged with homicide by vehicle second degree.

On Tuesday afternoon, Everett Johnson had just gotten off his school bus. According to witnesses at the accident site, Everett was walking in front of the bus, and dropped his book and bag. He was bending over to pick them up when he was struck by the bus, which had begun to move forward. Everett came under the right front tire. He was rushed to the hospital, but died later.

People outside the bus had to alert the driver, Sharon Denise Dale, that the child had been run over. Atlanta Public Schools say that they don’t know why she assumed that all was clear for her to move the bus forward. Dale, who has been placed on administrative leave, also faces charges of failure to use due regard, and failure to use school bus drivers’ safety procedure.

This was a horrific tragedy, and our hearts go out to Everett’s family. When you send your child to school, you do so with hopes and dreams for his future. You shouldn’t have to worry that he will be seriously injured or killed when he is doing something as mundane as traveling on his school bus. It seems like a little more patience on Dale’s part could easily have prevented this accident. As Atlanta pedestrian accident lawyers, we often see clients who were injured simply because a motorist failed to slow down in time near a crosswalk, or couldn’t wait long enough behind a stopped vehicle.

Everett’s parents must seek answers to how this happened. They deserve to be able to know the truth, and hold the responsible persons accountable.

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