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Promotion of Fast Cars Weakens Progress on Auto Accident Prevention

In  2017, 40% of automobile marketing focused on the performance or speed of the cars.  According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, such promotion of speeds can undermine  efforts towards reducing car accidents numbers resulting in a significant number of personal injuries and wrongful deaths.

According to the analysis, the percentage of automobile marketing that focuses on performance has not budged much over the past few decades.  In 1998, for instance, as much as half of all automobile marketing efforts focused on the speed of the vehicle while in 2017, that number had dropped to  40%.  Clearly, automobile manufacturers continue to feel comfortable emphasizing  the performance and speed of these vehicles.  Unfortunately,  when it comes to  automobiles and their features, a clip of a speeding car is not just another advertisement.  Rather, it can encourage motorists to engage in dangerous and risky driving behaviors like driving at high speeds.

Every year, as many as 12,000 people are killed in auto accidents caused directly by a speeding driver.  More  than 300,000 people are injured in such accidents.  The  number of people being injured and killed in speeding- related car accidents has increased over the past few years with a spike  during the pandemic.  During those months when lockdowns ensured fewer vehicles on the road, too many motorists drove at high speeds, complacent  in the knowledge  that they would not be cited  for speeding violations.    Unfortunately, those behaviors have continued even after the pandemic  ended and  traffic volumes went back to normal.

It is not just the young, like teen motorists and novice  drivers, who are at risk  of being influenced by the subliminal messages broadcast by  advertisements that focus on the speed of the car. Even experienced motorists can fall into this trap. It is time for federal Agencies like the Federal  Communications  Commission to better regulate these advertisements. The  Federal Communications Commission   no longer allows the advertisements of tobacco products because of the dangers to consumers from  using these products.  Perhaps  it is now time to place some kinds of restrictions on the manner in which automobile manufacturers can advertise   as well,  considering that thousands of people are killed and many more injured every year in car accidents  directly involving speeding.

Until that time, automakers must reevaluate their promotion and marketing strategies and step back from showing speeding in an attractive light.   These  strategies must be reassessed against the backdrop of the increasing  speeding – related car accident wrongful deaths being recorded every year.

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