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Preventing Drunk Driving Accidents in Athens

Apart from Atlanta, its Athens with its thumping nightlife scene that has the most number of DUI schools in Georgia, with a total of four DUI schools here. The Athens Clarke County Police Department and the University Police Department have been consistently cracking down on drunk drivers across Athens. Last year 207 people were arrested for drunk driving. There is also a considerably larger haul during weekends, when students from the University of Georgia step out, as well as on holidays. This St Patrick’s Day for instance, Athens police checked more than 700 vehicles, and arrested 63 people for drunk driving.

In most cases, these people have to take a course at a DUI school. The program lasts for 20 hours and costs $280. A student who finds himself in a DUI class after being arrested for drunk driving can expect to learn ways to prevent him or her from committing such offences again.

Besides DUI schools, Athens also has other options that prevent drunk motorists from being on the road.  Local transportation services will for a fee, send a designated driver to take partiers home.  All revelers have to do is call the service, and a designated driver arrives on a collapsible scooter that can be folded later, and placed into the car truck. A service like this ensures that revelers can all get intoxicated, without having to worry about which one of them has to stay sober to drive the rest home. Most calls for these transportation services come, not surprisingly, from downtown Athens, where the buzzing nightlife means that more numbers of people are not in a position to drive themselves home.

As Atlanta personal injury lawyers, we wish 18-year-old Andrew London and his friends had also hired a transportation service. London surrendered to police on Tuesday after a drunk driving accident last week in Alpharetta in north Fulton County, that killed his friend and left his brother with injuries. Besides intoxicated driving, London was also speeding at the time of the car accident. A life could easily have been saved here, if one of the boys had designated himself the sober driver for the evening.

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