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Police Believe Drunk Driving Cause of DeKalb County Accident

Police Believe Drunk Driving Was Cause of DeKalb County Accident

Police believe drunk driving was a possible factor in a serious multiple vehicle accident on I-85 over the weekend. The accident, which injured 9 people, involved a wrong way driver.

According to police, a Chevy Blazer was traveling southbound in the northbound HOV lane. At about 3 am, the Blazer crashed into a Ford Explorer and a Buick. Four cars were involved in the accident, and 9 people were injured, including the driver who was driving the wrong way. He continues to remain in the hospital, along with three of the injured victims.

Police representatives say it’s not confirmed yet why the driver was traveling the wrong way, but it seems that “alcohol may have been a factor”.

It isn’t confirmed yet if alcohol use was indeed a factor in this crash, but as drunk driving accident lawyers in Atlanta know, alcohol use is the number one factor in wrong way driving crashes in the country. Driving in an impaired state of mind can easily cause a motorist to read signs wrongly, or not read them at all, causing him to end up in a situation that is potentially serious.

Wrong way driving crashes that don’t end in fatalities or serious injuries are relatively rare. These accidents often involve an inebriated driver with little control over his faculties, and heading from the opposite direction, a motorist who is driving at normal speeds with no cue or warning about the other car. Avoiding a crash is hard, simply because a motorist is not expecting a person to be driving in the opposite direction.

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