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One Killed, Two Injured in DeKalb County Multi Vehicle Accident

One Killed, Two Injured in DeKalb County Multi Vehicle Accident

DeKalb County police are investigating a multi vehicle accident on Monday, that has left one motorist dead and two injured.

According to the Atlanta Journal- Constitution, the driver of a pickup truck hit a Geo Metro, injuring at least one passenger. The impact caused the Geo to ram into another car, while the pickup truck driver fled the scene of the crash.The pickup collided with an SUV a few minutes later, and the SUV driver suffered injuries that required hospitalization. The pick up truck was found crashed in a ditch a few miles ahead, and the driver has been confirmed dead.

Police are investigating the accident. It’s not known yet if drugs or alcohol were involved. The occupants in the Geo Metro, which is a comparatively small car, are aware that they are lucky to have escaped without serious injuries. The only occupant of the car, who was injured, suffered a black eye. It’s not known how seriously the SUV driver has been injured.

Georgia laws provide for injured victims of an accident to recover compensation from the party or the estate responsible for an accident. Victims may be eligible for medical expenses, and lost wages. In case of death of a victim, there may also be damages paid towards funeral costs.

Victims of an automobile accident may be eligible to recover more than their monetary losses. Georgia laws allow for recovery for pain and suffering of the victim. Georgia is also one of the states that allow the spouse of a victim to claim damages for loss of consortium or loss of society.

While medical costs, lost wages and other monetary losses are easy to calculate, non economic losses like pain and suffering and loss of consortium are harder to calculate, and can differ from case to case. A DeKalb County car accident lawyer can help calculate the benefits you are eligible for, and prepare an appropriate claim.

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