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One Killed as SUV Crashes into Douglasville Home

One Killed as SUV Crashes into Douglasville Home

You don’t expect to be struck by a car when you’re safely ensconced in your own home. But that’s exactly happened to Douglasville-resident George Michael Bryant.

The 60-year-old man was in his house watching a movie on Saturday night with his wife, daughter and two grandchildren, when an SUV crashed into their house. Bryant suffered massive injuries and died. His wife, daughter and grandchildren are being treated at local hospitals.

According to police, the driver has been identified as 47-year-old William Steward of Douglas County. Steward was driving a Lincoln Navigator, and struck several mail boxes, bushes, and a parked car, before he crashed into the left side of the Bryant’s home. The impact of the accident was so great that the SUV ended up almost in the back of the house. George Bryant, wife of the victim, was pinned down under the Navigator.

Residents on the street where the accident occurred, say that motorists driving at excessive speeds is a common problem here. The speed limit in the area is 35mph, but that doesn’t stop motorists from racing up and down, posing a danger to pedestrians, motorists, and unbelievably enough, people who are inside their homes.

The Bryant’s are currently staying at a hotel while the damage to their house is fixed. There is no information yet if alcohol was a factor in this accident, but Steward will be subjected to an alcohol test. It’s very likely that speed was a factor here.

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