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October is National Crime Prevention Month

While we specialize in helping people pick up the pieces after misfortune strikes, we never like to see a crisis occur. While some accidents are unavoidable (especially for the victims), some problems can be avoided through careful planning and prevention.

While we celebrate National Crime Prevention Month at our office, we’d like to give you three pointers on how to further prevent crime in your life.

1. Make sure your home is secure.

In the classic story of the Three Little Pigs and the mischievous Big Bad Wolf, there is an obvious threat: the gusts from wolf will blow the pigs’ houses down! We all know the story. Two of the pigs ignore the importance of home protection by building their homes of straw and sticks. Only the third adequately prepares by building his home of bricks.

In our day and age, threats come in many shapes and sizes, and for this reason, may not be as obvious as a Big Bad Wolf! From physical threats of burglary, arson, or vandalism to digital threats of internet hacking and identity theft, the threats can seem ominous.

Our advice is to think carefully of the threats you have not adequately prepared for. Is your computer’s firewall made of straw, brick, or better yet, ironclad? What does your house look like to a Big Bad Burglar from the outside? Will he be able to blow your house down (and grab some of your prized heirloom jewelry while he’s at it!).

Sit down with a friend, your family, or a security specialist and brainstorm what you can do to protect your home from harm!

2. Be a better driver!

Surveys have shown that most people view themselves as above average drivers. After a day of driving in Atlanta traffic, I think we all know those surveys are less than accurate (I’ll admit, I question my driving abilities during rush hour!).

While we may not think of pushing through a light turning red or cutting another person off as crimes (especially when we’re the offending driver), they are. We may not get caught or penalized, but these are crimes for an obvious and good reason: they endanger our lives!

At our office, we work for a large number of clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. Many of these accidents could be avoided by people driving a little safer, a little friendlier.

So, be a better driver!

3. Be aware of your surroundings.

Last, but not least, be aware of your surroundings. As mentioned before, crime can come in many forms, from the more immediate imagined issues like robbery on the street to credit card fraud. When you’re online, think twice about submitting your financial information on certain websites. When you’re out late in an unfamiliar area (or familiar for that matter), travel in groups in well-lit areas. Hide your valuables from sight when you leave your car. Or better yet, don’t leave them in your car at all!

In the hustle and bustle of life, stop and think. What are the potential risks around you? Don’t focus on them until you lock yourself away. Just take the proper precautions and you can feel the safety of knowing that you’re prepared!

How do you and your family protect yourselves from crimes? How are you going to be more responsible in your own personal life? And, hey, did you cut anyone off in rush hour today?

Post in the comments and let us know how you prevent crime!

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