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National No Phone Zone Day for Drivers

The campaign against distracted driving is coming soon to a chat show near you. On April 30, the Oprah Winfrey show will broadcast a special on distracted driving, called National No Phone Zone Day, and Atlanta will play a part in the proceedings. .

According to the Oprah show website, Oprah’s special guests on that day will be representatives from the Department Of Transportation, the Governors Highway Safety Association, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and other safety agencies. Oprah will invite families of victims killed in accidents linked to cell phone use while driving. There will be live rallies in several metropolitan cities across the country, including Atlanta. These rallies will include the participation of victims’ families, safety groups, and other advocacy groups.

Viewers will be invited to join a pledge – that they will make their car a “no phone zone,” and will avoid using a cell phone while driving at all costs. Hundreds of thousands of people have already joined the pledge on the Oprah website, and more are expected to join after the show airs on April 30.

Any Atlanta car accident lawyer familiar with safety issues will tell you that education and awareness campaigns are not enough, and that laws are needed to change motorist behavior. In fact, it’s a combination of strong laws, strict enforcement and education that often delivers the best results. Georgia is on its way to passing laws against distracted driving. These laws coupled with efforts by media personalities like Oprah can help bring about the change that we wish to see. People should be encouraged to switch off their cell phones while driving not just because they will be fined or ticketed if they don’t, but also because it’s the safe and sensible to do.

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