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Motorcyclist Seriously Injured in Henry County Motorcycle Accident

The family of a motorcyclist, who was critically injured in a motorcyle accident in Henry County over the weekend, has issued a plea for help in finding the hit-and-run driver responsible for the accident.

34-year-old Justin Hayes was riding his motorcycle on Saturday evening, when he was struck by a Toyota Highlander.The accident resulted in Hayes being thrown off his motorcycle, which resulted in critical injuries.He is currently being treated in the intensive care unit at Grady Memorial Hospital.He suffered multiple fractures, as well as internal injuries in the motorcycle accident.

His wife, Cheryl has issued a plea for help to anyone who can provide information that can lead to the hit-and-run motorist here.The Highlander was apparently being driven by a black female, between 20 and 30 years of age.According to police, the woman simply drove off after the vehicle struck Hayes.Anyone who may have witnessed the motorcycle accident, or may have some information about the crash, including repair shop workers or mechanics, are being encouraged to inform Henry County police.

In an accident involving a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle, it’s usually the motorcyclist who suffers critical or serious injuries.A motorcyclist has little protection in the event of an accident.While a helmet can reduce the risks of suffering a Traumatic Brain Injury, it is no guarantee against catastrophic injury or death.Besides, a helmet may not do much to prevent spinal cord injury, fractures, amputations, road rash and other injuries that can result from a motorcycle accident.

Unfortunately, most motorcycle accidents occur because motorists fail to respect the motorcyclist’s right to ride on the road. It is also common to find motorists who are biased against motorcyclists.Because of the narrow size of a motorcycle, a motorcyclist may sometimes seem to be traveling much faster than he actually is.In addition, there has been a significant increase in the number of motorcycles on Georgia’s roads. All this has created a false perception that motorcyclists are to blame for any collisions involving their vehicles.

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