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Motorcycle Safety Tips for Summer – Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents

Summer also happens to be motorcycling season across Georgia.Thousands of motorcyclists will take to the highways this summer and, unfortunately, many of them will be involved in a motorcycle accident. They can accept warm weather, clear skies, and unfortunately, also plenty of hostile motorists. There are several things that motorcyclists can keep in mind to help them to avoid an accident and serious injuries.

As Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers, we would like to stress the need for both motorists and motorcyclists to cooperate to prevent accidents this summer.One of the best things that a novice motorcyclist can do to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries is to take a safety training program before beginning motorcycling. Even if you have been an avid motorcyclist in the past and have spent a few years without riding, it’s highly recommended that you take a motorcycle training program to brush up your skills. These training courses provide excellent tips for avoiding accidents.

Wear protective gear. A helmet is an absolute must. Also wear protective leather clothing including jackets and boots.

Choose a bright color for your helmet. Avoid black and gray helmets although these may look cool. A red, blue or yellow helmet stands out much better against crowded traffic, allowing motorists around you to notice you. Remember that most motorcycle accidents occur because the motorist simply failed to see the motorcyclist.

It’s important to for motorcyclists to be aware of the weather conditions before they set out on the road. The risk of skidding and hydroplaning during wet weather is much greater for motorcyclists than motorists. If conditions are going to be rainy or windy, avoid motorcycling that day.

If you can afford it, buy a motorcycle that comes with Antilock Brakes. According to Consumer Reports, these motorcycles have a much lower risk of skidding when the rider brakes at high speeds.

As far as motorists are concerned, it’s important that you look out for motorists around you. With so many motorcyclists on the road these days, there is no excuse for you to be unaware of the presence of these riders this summer. Look especially closely for motorcyclists who may fall in your blind spots.

If you are a motorcyclist and are involved in an accident, contact an Atlanta Motorcycle Attorney so that you are aware of your rights. Dealing with the various insurance companies who may be involved is difficult, especially when you are severely injured.

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