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Motorcycle Accident Causes the Death of a Police Officer

An off-duty police sergeant in Centreville, Houston County, Georgia was killed in a motorcycle accident last week.According to news reports, the 45-year-old Police Sgt. was riding his motorcycle when he collided with a car at an intersection.He was seriously injured, and died of his injuries. As an Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyer, I see the dangers motorcycle riders face every day. Unfortunately, too many drivers just fail to keep a close eye out for motorcycles.

Motorcyclists in Georgia are at a greater risk of collisions with motorists this summer, when more numbers of drivers and motorcyclists can be expected to share the road.Not only are motorcyclists dealing with a large population of adult drivers on their way to holidays distracted by their families and their holiday plans, but they are also sharing the highways with larger numbers of teen drivers.

Summer is when the total number of teenage drivers on the road is higher, and the months of June, July and August see 40% more driving by those teen motorists.These are inexperienced drivers, who may fail to practice basic motorcycle safety behaviors, like looking out for motorcyclists at intersections.This accident illustrates how necessary it is for motorists to be extra cautious when approaching an intersection, and look out for motorcycles.Many young and teen drivers tend to think of summer as a long, extended weekend, and fail to prioritize traffic safety rules.

Additionally, motorcyclists are also likely to be at great risk from drivers who are distracted.A motorcycle has a narrow frame, which makes it easy to miss.The risks of missing a motorcyclist are even greater if you’re talking on a cell phone or texting while driving.Unfortunately, Atlanta motorcycle accident attorneys expect to see more such reckless and distracted driving during the summer.

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