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Migraines Increase Car Accident Risks for Older Drivers

Older drivers may be at a high risk of being involved in car accidents, and those risks are simply exacerbated if they also suffer from migraines.

Migraines  are a common condition, especially among older people, but they may be dangerous for senior drivers.  According  to the results of a new study, older drivers who suffer   from migraines are as much as three times more likely to be involved in a car accident.   The results of the study were published  recently in the Journal of the American Geriatric Society. According to the researchers, migraines are already a common concern among older drivers with as many as 7% of senior drivers already diagnosed with migraines.   The  researchers believe that many   migraines  are undiagnosed  which means we probably have an increasing population of older drivers on our roads who have their driving abilities impacted by their severe headaches and remain unaware of this. The researchers found a threefold  increase in car accident risks for senior drivers in the 12 months after a diagnosis.  Medications  taken to control migraines do not seem to have any impact on car accident risks.

The researchers recommend that senior drivers who have recently been diagnosed with migraines discuss  the effects of the condition on their driving abilities with their doctor.  Be  especially careful about the kind of medications that you take to control the pain while you drive. Also understand the dangers of introducing alcohol to the mix when you are already on medications to treat your migraines.  Senior  drivers already face a number of safety risks when driving and these  could simply be compounded by their migraines.

The Migraine Trust recommends that persons avoid driving while they are suffering from a migraine attack.  If  you  suffer a migraine attack while you are driving, pull over somewhere safe and treat your symptoms. Being prepared  is being safe.  Ensure that you have a plan in place for when you suffer an attack when you are driving,  including a list of people who can drive you, if necessary.

Older drivers may suffer from a number of physiological and mental challenges that can increase their risks of being involved in an auto accident.  Reflexes  may be slowed and judgment may be affected by increasing age.  Common  problems like hearing loss and vision problems can significantly impact a person’s ability to drive safely.  Make  sure that you get yourself evaluated by a doctor regularly. Get your hearing and vision checked every six months.  It is important to get prescription eyeglasses or hearing  aids, if necessary.

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