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Metro Atlanta Region one of the Most Dangerous for Pedestrians

In Georgia, initiatives continue to grow for less car and more pedestrian friendly areas throughout the state.  A new report, however, identifies the Metro Atlanta- Sandy Springs-Roswell area as one of the most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the country.

This alarming finding was part of a report that found a total of 1,160 pedestrian accidents in the Atlanta- Sandy Springs-Roswell area between 2010 and 2019. That makes it an average rate of approximately 2 pedestrian deaths per 100,000 pedestrians every day.

The list included the top 20 most dangerous areas for pedestrians in the country, and the Metro Atlanta region was the only area in Georgia that featured on the list. This region also had a Pedestrian Danger Index of 152.3. The Pedestrian Danger Index is a rating system that measures how dangerous it is for  pedestrians to walk in an area or state, based on the number of pedestrian deaths that occurred in these areas or states. The data specifically focused on pedestrian accident deaths that occurred between 2010 and 2019.  All data came from the Fatality Analysis reporting system.

The list has more bad news for pedestrians in Georgia. Overall, the state of Georgia ranked number 9 on the list of 20 states that are the most dangerous for pedestrians. The state recorded 1,980 pedestrian deaths between 2010 and 2019. That translates into an average of 1.9 pedestrian deaths every day for every 100,000 persons. Georgia has a pedestrian danger index of 126.7.

The findings in this report are not too surprising.  Georgia and the metro Atlanta region in particular have not made much progress in protecting pedestrians and providing adequate pedestrian friendly surroundings. The report finds for instance, that there are racial disparities in pedestrian accident statistics. The African-American population suffered a much higher percentage of pedestrian accident deaths, compared to whites and Hispanics.  The data also shows that pedestrians in poor neighborhoods and the elderly are also at a much higher risk of death in an accident.

It is clear from the statistics that Georgia transportation authorities need to be focusing more on protecting some of the most vulnerable users on our roads, especially pedestrians living in lower socio- economic neighborhoods, African Americans and senior citizens.  Resources in the metro Atlanta seem focused on widening highways and local roads.  However, investment in public transportation and sidewalks would help ease the congestion on the roads and, in turn, make the area safer for pedestrians.

Any pedestrian safety improvements need to take the consideration of these demographics into account. For many people in Atlanta, walking is not a choice. For example, in lower socio-economic neighborhoods, walking is simply the only way most people have of getting to their workplace. The current infrastructure, very often, unfortunately makes it too dangerous for people to do so.

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