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Loss of Control, Intoxicated Driving Account for Most Motorcycle Accident Claims

New data released by a major insurance company indicates that single-vehicle motorcycle accident claims accounted for the highest number of claims processed in 2014.
The data were released by insurer Progressive Corp., which said that it processed 3.4 times more single-vehicle motorcycle accident claims in 2014. These single-vehicle accidents typically involved intoxicated driving or loss of control due to excessive speed.

According to Progressive, it processed more single-vehicle motorcycle accident claims than rear-end accident claims, crashes at intersections, and stolen motorcycles combined. That means that motorcyclists must be more careful and vigilant about their surroundings at all times.

Riding at high speeds contributes to a significant proportion of motorcycle accidents every year because it hinders the ability to take evasive action in time to prevent an accident. Likewise, riding under the influence of alcohol also increases collision risks, because it impairs the rider’s ability to observe and judge accident cues.

Apart from riding at safe speeds and avoiding drunk riding, cyclists can also reduce the risk of being involved in an accident by learning about the different causes of accidents. For instance, a large number of single-vehicle accidents involving motorcycles are linked to debris on the road. Road hazards, including debris that has fallen off other vehicles, loose gravel, or other obstacles may damage a motorcycle tire enough to cause an accident. Another common cause of motorcycle accidents is poor street lighting. Remain vigilant at all times, and look out for accident hazards in your immediate environment.

Make sure that your motorcycle is in perfect working order. Learn how to perform basic maintenance on your motorcycle, and if the motorcycle needs repairs, get these done by a professional immediately.

And, most importantly, wear a helmet while riding at all times and take training courses to help prepare for all the challenges that come with getting in the wind!

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