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Intersection Assistance Technologies Could Significantly Reduce Accidents Involving Seniors

Newer intersection assistance technologies could reduce the number of car accidents resulting in serious injuries or deaths involving senior drivers by as much as one-third.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently published the results of a new study that finds that intersection assistance technologies which include lane assist, vehicle- to- vehicle connectivity and other type of technological features can go a long way in helping mitigate the kind of risks that place a senior driver at risk of a car accident.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety researchers compared 5 auto safety features that are currently available on many automobiles, and compared their impact on the safety of senior drivers with others that are not as widely available. The technologies that are currently available include front crash prevention systems, brighter headlights, lane departure warning systems that warn the motorist when the car is in danger of veering away from its lane and blind spot detection systems that can alert the motorist to blind spots that are not visible to the driver.  All of these technologies can significantly help seniors deal with the risks arising from failing vision, poor reflexes, restricted mobility and the other challenges that make it difficult for them to drive safely.

However, when the researchers compared these systems with new intersection assistance technologies that include lane assist systems, they found that the benefits were significantly higher for the driver.  Lane assist systems, for instance, use cameras and sensors to detect oncoming vehicles, warning the motorist when there is a danger of a collision.  Similarly, vehicle –to- vehicle connectivity systems that share data with other motorists in the area warning them of objects in their path and other challenges can also significantly help reduce senior driver risks.

Currently, intersection assistance systems are not widely available on automobiles, but many automakers are experimenting with such systems.  The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety believes that as many as 60% of accidents involving drivers in their 70s and 80s could possibly be prevented by the expanded use of such technologies.

Senior motorists suffer from a number of aging -related challenges that make it difficult for them to drive safely. These include failing vision, reduced cognitive abilities and slower reflexes that place them at risk of car accidents involving injuries. The expanded use of technology could possibly be a solution to the problem of keeping an increased number of senior motorists on our roads and highways safe every year.

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