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Infant Killed in Atlanta Truck Accident

A six-month-old infant, who had sustained critical injuries in a Cobb County, Georgia truck accident, has succumbed to his injuries. Cobb County police have charged the truck driver involved in the truck accident. Any injury and death in a truck accident is sad, but that is especially true when such a young life is lost.

The accident occurred over the weekend, when tractor trailer driver Henry Lipps crashed his rig into the rear of a car. In the car were a couple and their six-month-old baby, strapped into his car seat. Both parents were injured, and taken to the Atlanta Medical Center. The baby suffered critical injuries, and was taken to Scottish Rite Hospital. He succumbed to his injuries earlier this week

Investigators believe that the tractor-trailer driver failed to brake, and crashed into three separate vehicles, including the GMC Arcadia, Toyota Highlander and a Buick LeSabre at the Windy Hill Road exit. The driver of the LeSabre and his passenger also suffered visible injuries, and were rushed to Grady Memorial Hospital.

Police have now charged Lipps with second-degree vehicle homicide and following too closely.

Our hearts go out to the family of this little infant. The child’s parents are still in the hospital, and we pray for strength for them to bear this loss.

Unfortunately, this accident only confirms what Atlanta truck accident lawyers already know – driver distraction continues to be a major factor in Atlanta truck accidents. Driver distraction may be caused by many things. These include the use of cell phones, texting while driving, radio use, fatigue and just general failure of the driver to be attentive.

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