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Increased Risk of auto accidents with Georgia Winter

Last year, Atlanta motorists were treated to an unusual experience – sudden and unexpected snowstorms that contributed to icy roads, poor visibility and an increased number of auto accidents, truck accidents and motorcycle accidents. Since Atlanta and Georgia in general only gets a snowstorm once every year or two, motorists are unable to deal with suddenly slippery conditions and accidents result. Winter has already begun much earlier than usual in some parts of Georgia, and it’s important for drivers to be prepared for any sudden change in weather conditions that can increase the risks of accidents.

Extreme winter weather means ice, snow and sleet on the roads, creating increasingly slippery conditions. Motorists driving in such conditions are much more likely to lose control of their vehicles. Even worse, if your car not been prepared for driving through snow, you can expect a breakdown. Stay safe this winter by being prepared for extreme weather.

Make sure that your car is primed for winter driving. Fluid levels, particularly anti-freeze fluids, must be topped. Keep your gas tank as full as possible. Last year’s snowstorms caught everybody by surprise.

Check your tires frequently, and make sure that they have adequate tread. Keep your car stocked with emergency supplies, including food, water, snow scraper, flares and gloves. A sudden breakdown in the middle of holiday traffic on a snow-covered road, could mean waiting in your car for hours until rescue arrives.

Make sure that the car’s electronic stability control system and automatic braking system are functioning properly. The risks of an accident from hydroplaning or loss of control are higher when you’re driving even at normal speeds on a slippery road.

Also make sure that you switch off your water sprinkler systems at night before you go to bed. During icy weather, water on the road can quickly freeze, creating icy spots that can take a motorist unawares, and cause an accident.

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