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Increase in Motorcycle Accidents in Metro Atlanta

Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers have been concerned about a spike in motorcycle accidents on metro Atlanta highways recently.Just last week, a motorcyclist was fatally injured in an accident involving his motorcycle and a tractor-trailer.The truck accident occurred in Gwinnett County, and has been blamed on an airborne tire tread from the tractor-trailer.

According to police, the thirty-five-year-old motorcyclist was riding his vehicle in the left lane of northbound I-85 when his motorcycle struck the tire tread.The impact caused the motorcyclist to lose control.He was lying in the center lane of the highway, and in the path of an oncoming 18- wheeler.The truck driver did not see him, and ran over him.He was rushed to the Gwinnett Medical Center, but died.

This is the most recent in a series of motorcycle accidents that have left Atlanta personal injury lawyers very concerned.In recent months, according to police officers, there have been at least half a dozen motorcyclists killed in accidents in metro Atlanta highways.In August, a motorcyclist was killed in an accident involving two vehicles.He had been riding a Kawasaki Vulcan motorcycle, when his motorcycle was struck by two vehicles on I-75 near Cobb County.He sustained fatal injuries.Police believe that the accident was caused by a Porsche driver who fled the scene of the accident.Both the driver and his passenger were located by police about two weeks later.

Another accident in south Fulton County involved a motorcycle and a sports utility vehicle that had stopped with a flat tire. A 74-year-old riding a Harley-Davidson struck the stopped SUV.In May, a female motorist was accused of crashing into a motorcycle and killing a student.That driver was arrested earlier for DUI.

With more motorcyclists on our streets, it’s imperative that motorcyclists take care to look out for motorcyclists, and avoid them.Most motorcycle accidents occur not because drivers were intoxicated, or speeding, but because they failed to yield right of way to a motorcyclist.Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers often find that motorists fail to notice motorcyclists, because they’re so busy looking out for other cars.A motorcycle may be narrow and easier to miss, but that’s no excuse.There are more motorcyclists on Atlanta highways than ever before, and it is important that drivers play a bigger part in keeping them safe.

Look out for motorcyclists even closer at accident magnets, like intersections.Remember that a motorcyclist may be hidden in your blind spots, and may be concealed from view.Don’t assume that a motorcyclist is speeding – a motorcyclist may seem like it’s traveling at higher speeds than it is.Most motorcyclists know that their chances of surviving any accident involving their vehicle and an automobile, are not very good, which is why Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers find that most motorcyclists prioritize obeying safety rules.

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