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In-Car Technology, Objects Major Factor in Car Accidents

New cars have an increasing array of gadgets and accessories.  Although some may be designed to help keep a driver safe, in-car technology and objects inside the car may actually be much more likely to distract motorists than objects outside the car.

These new findings are part of recent research into distractions affecting motorists and their impact on safe driving. The study was published in Accident Analysis and Prevention Journal and focused on the types of distractions that motorists are most prone to, as well as the impact of distractions on different types of motorists, including teen as well as senior drivers.

The study found that in-car objects and technology as well as cell phones were a major distraction for motorists. External scenes were also a distraction to a certain extent.  Teens and adult drivers were much more likely to be distracted by technology, other passengers as well as other types of distractions, compared to senior drivers. However, senior drivers seemed to suffer a greater impact from distractions. Older drivers may begin to suffer from slower reflexes and delayed response times as they age, and the impact of these can be exacerbated when the senior driver is also distracted by his cell phone or other technology.  Both females as well as males were prone to distractions.

The researchers warn that while the focus on distracted driving often centers on the use of cell phones and texting devices while driving, it is also important to understand that other in-car technology including entertainment and communication systems could possible distract motorists as well. There is a growing amount of technology that automakers have introduced into the average car driven by the American motorist, and most of these systems have the potential to cause distractions. Especially distracting are entertainment and communication systems. Changing songs on a playlist, using navigation systems – all of these can be distracting activities if they cause you to take your hands off the steeling wheel and eyes off the road even for a few seconds.

Technology has undoubtedly made it safer and convenient to drive. There has been a flip side, however, and for states like Georgia, the challenge with minimizing the use of distracting tech has been making distracting behaviors undesirable enough to prevent motorists from reaching out for their cell phones and devices while operating the car. Always keep your cell phones on mute mode when you drive, and send your calls and messages to voice mail. No call or text or email is important enough for you to risk your life as well the safety of other motorists sharing the roads with you.

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