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How You Can Prevent Motorcycle Accidents in Atlanta

Much of motorcycle safety depends on the ability of motorists to respect motorcyclists’ right.This alone would prevent many of the motorcycle accidents we see which often involve serious personal injuries or a wrongful death. The most important thing that drivers could do to prevent accidents involving motorcyclists is to acknowledge that motorcycle riders in Georgia have the very same rights that motorists do.In other words, that a motorcyclist sharing the highway with your SUV is not an outsider with no rights, but a legitimate highway user with the same rights as you.

Many accidents that Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers come across occur because drivers fail to look out for motorcyclists, especially when they are making lane changes or entering thoroughfares.Look especially closely for motorcyclists in your mirrors during these times. Here are some basic tips for motorists.

When you are sharing the road with a motorcycle, do not try to pass the motorcycle in the same lane.

Don’t follow too close to a motorcycle in the front.Allow at least 4 seconds following distance.Remember that a motorcycle can come to a stop much quicker than your car can.In a pinch, you could end up hitting the motorcycle in front, causing serious injuries to that person.

Look extra carefully for motorcyclists before you open your car door next to traffic.

Look carefully for motorcycles in your blind spots

Look out for motorcycles, and check their possible speed before you make a turn.

Lane sharing is not safe.Always try and allow motorcycles a full-lane width.

Remember that motorcycles may seem like they are traveling much faster than they actually are.

Motorists can do their part to help reduce the numbers of people being killed in motorcycle accidents every year.

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