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How to Shop for Safe Toys During the Holidays

Georgia Product Liability Lawyers Show You How to Shop for Safe Toys

The year’s biggest shopping season has begun, and millions of parents will be making the all-important decision – what to give the special little someone in your life. While choices are endless, there is always the question of safety.

For the last couple of years, there has been huge media and legislative attention on lead content in toys. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act set strict limits for lead paint on toys, and therefore, risks from lead contamination are now lower than they used to be. However, children continue to be at risk from toys with detachable parts, or sharp pointed parts that can pose penetration and choking hazards.

This month, the chairwoman of the Consumer Product Safety Commission assured Americans that toys in 2009 are much safer to buy than in 2007, when millions of children’s toys had to be recalled because of high lead content. Inez Tenenbaum is however, cautioning parents that they must also take care to buy age-appropriate toys.

WATCH, a child safety advocacy group has also released its annual list of Top 10 Worst Toys for 2009. The list includes toys that can cause blunt force and penetration injuries, as well as choking accidents. The list includes:

1. Disney-Pixar Wall-E Foam Rocket Launcher

2. Moon Board Pogo Board

3. Curious Baby Curious George Counting – My First Book of Numbers

4. Dark Knight Batman Figure

5. X-Men Origins Slashin’ Action Wolverine

6. Lots to Love Babies “mini nursery”

7. Just Kidz Junior musical instruments

8. CAT “rugged mini”

9. Pucci Pups Maltese

10.Spy Gear Viper Blaster

The CPSC website also lists defective toys that have been recalled for safety reasons. We would encourage parents to check out the website, to make informed and safe choices.

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