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Hotel Safety Tips to Avoid Being an Assault Victim

Most of us will go on at least one trip in our lifetime where a hotel stay is necessary.  A key to making the trip a success is ensuring your safety while at the hotel.  Unfortunately, more travelers than most people would expect have experienced some type of assault or danger while staying at a hotel.  With the Superbowl coming to Atlanta in the next few weeks, the local hotels will no doubt need to take extra security measures to ensure the safety of all of their guests.

Factors such as negligent security, inadequate lighting and negligent maintenance can contribute to occurrences of assaults at hotels.  It’s hard to say exactly how many assaults are reported at hotels and resorts across the US every year. Not all assaults are reported to police, and a hotel’s TripAdvisor page will hardly feature a summary of the number of assaults and suspected attacks the hotel has been involved in over the past few years.  Likewise, a hotel will not make known the number of personal injury lawsuits filed against them for negligence.

Solo female travelers need to take strong steps to safeguard their own security. It’s important to not be lulled into a false sense of safety when you are walking around in the quiet hallways and guest areas of a hotel.  Even with the state–of-the-art check- in systems and seemingly foolproof door lock systems many hotels use these days, it is not, unfortunately, a complete safeguard against crime.  Therefore, all travelers, and especially females, must be on their guard at all times.

There are certain steps you can take prior to your trip to help you avoid being a victim of assault and make your hotel stay more safe.  Research your hotel and the areas around the hotel thoroughly before you arrive at the facility.  Some neighborhoods are more prone to crimes, including thefts, burglary and rapes. The location of your hotel can play a huge role in your safety.

Call the hotel in advance, and inquire about the safety measures that they have in place for travelers, including surveillance camera systems and security personnel on-site.

Statistics show that break-ins and assaults are more likely to occur on the ground floors where outsiders may have easier access. To avoid this, book rooms on the higher floors of the property.

If you are a female travelling along, avoid giving out your name at the time of the reservation. Providing an initial could help.

Many guests find that they have become victims of theft even before they have stepped into their hotel room. Keep your eyes on your luggage at all times when you are being taken to your room.

Give your room a thorough inspection once you have checked in. Make sure all doors and windows are closed or sealed shut.

Lock your doors at all times even if you are vacationing in a little inn in a quiet town. Never open the door to strangers.

Don’t make friends with strangers in the hotel too quickly or freely give out your personal information.  Being in a new city, especially while on vacation, can encourage feelings of recklessness or abandon.  But avoid the temptation to throw caution to the wind.  Many would-be attackers focus on single female travelers rather than those in a group to rob, or worse, assault.

Avoid loitering around the parking areas and other isolated areas of the hotel. If the hotel offers valet parking, use it. Many assaults every year occur in areas with low traffic, like parking lots.

Have a family member or friend checking in on you every day while you are travelling.

Unfortunately, even the most cautious travelers can find themselves becoming victims of assaults, rapes, thefts and other crimes. If you or a your loved has been the victim of a rape, assault or other crime on a hotel or other commercial property, talk to an Atlanta premises liability lawyer at the Katz Personal Injury Lawyers. You may be eligible for damages through a claim against the property. Call an attorney at our firm, and schedule a free consultation to discuss your claim.

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