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Honda Recalls Motorcycles Due to Braking Problem – High risk of Motorcycle Accident

Honda has announced a recall of more than 100,000 motorcycles because of a potential braking problem.As personal injury lawyers know well, braking problems with motorcycles significantly increases the risk of a motorcycle accident and serious personal injury. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration which announced the recall, says that the recall covers the 2001-10 and 2012 GL1800 models of touring motorcycles marketed as GoldWings.

According to Honda, the problem lies with a potential rear brake issue – the rear brake may be at least partially applied even after it has been released.If the motorcyclist continues riding with a partially engaged brake, it may generate enough heat to cause a fire in the rear brakes.Also, when a motorcyclist rides with an engaged brake, it could increase the risks of an accident.

Honda informed the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration that it learned about the potential problem in July 2010.A Honda motorcycle user had just finished riding his motorcycle, when there was a small explosion a few minutes after he finished riding.He saw flames emerging from the rear brake area.There were no injuries in that incident, and the motorcyclist was able to use an extinguisher to put out the flames.

However, Honda took about 16 months to verify the existence of the problem, and to determine the appropriate course of action.In the United States alone, the company was aware of at least 26 similar complaints of rear brake problems, including dragging, and at least 2 fires.The recall is expected to commence in January.If you own a Honda motorcycle that has been included in the recall, you are advised to contact your dealer for details about repairs.

A motorcyclist involved in an accident may be at a higher risk of being injured or killed than motorists and occupants of cars involved in accidents.According to the data from the US Department of Transportation’s Fatality Analysis Reporting System, 4,281 motorcyclists were killed in accidents in 2009.Out of these, more than 1,900 accidents did not involve another vehicle.

Shoddy repairs, inadequate maintenance or defective parts in a motorcycle can increase the risks of an accident.Proper maintenance of the motorcycle is a major part of safety training for motorcyclists.Make sure that the motorcycle wheels are in perfect condition and safe to ride on.Your motorcycle tires are the only parts of your vehicle that are in direct contact with the road surface, and it’s important to make sure that they can handle wear and tear.

Check for tire tread depth, and weathering.Look out for bulges and embedded objects in a motorcycle tire.Don’t forget to check for motorcycle tire pressure.Look out for bent, broken or missing spokes in a wheel, and cracked and worn-out seals.Make sure the battery, headlamp, and lights are in perfect condition.Make sure that your turn signals are flashing correctly and that the mirrors are crack-free and clean.

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