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Highway Safety Expected to Be Affected by Government Shutdown

Certain highway safety initiatives across the country are likely to be affected by the federal government shutdown, which is currently in effect. While some agencies that are responsible for auto safety are likely to be negatively impacted, others that are responsible for trucking safety, fortunately, may escape unscathed.
The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is one of those agencies that is expected to be affected by the shutdown and resulting lack of funding. This is the federal agency that is responsible for highway safety activities across the country, and therefore, this is one shutdown that has the potential to affect the safety of motorists and passengers.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration may be forced to cut several employees as part of the furloughs. That in turn, could also impact not only highway safety, but also trucking safety to a certain extent, because the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also regulates trucking equipment.

The Federal Highway Administration is one of those agencies that is not likely to be affected by the shutdown. This is the agency that is mainly responsible for the design, construction, and maintenance of our country’s highway system.

Fortunately, another trucking safety agency is also not likely to be affected by the shutdown. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is the premier agency responsible for trucking safety in the country. This includes conducting spot inspections of trucks, gauging driver fitness, and performing other activities that govern trucking safety.The agency relies heavily on appropriations from the Highway Trust Fund, which means that it does not rely on general revenues. Therefore, the agency’s activities are not likely to be affected, and funding will continue as normal. The agency is also not believed to have any plans to furlough any staff.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the agency does have a sufficient balance of liquidating cash that will allow it to operate for a limited period of time, even if there is a lapse in annual appropriations.

Atlanta truck accident attorneys may use different strategies in handling cases for accident victims and their families, but they all agree on one thing;There needs to be an increased effort to make our roadways safer for everyone, including drivers, passengers, and roadway construction workers.A reduction in funding moves the effort in the wrong direction, and we will be happy when the shutdown passes.

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