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Gwinnett County Drunk Driver Kills Woman in Hit and Run Accident

A drunk driving accident in Gwinnett has shocked a Lawrenceville Community, and sparked outrage among residents who are now calling for efforts to control the dangers from speeding and drunk motorists.

On Sunday night, 25-year-old Sabrina Stanek was at home with her two children when she noticed a speeding driver zooming up and down the street. Stanek walked up the curb in front of her house to stop the driver. As she stood near the curb, the drunk driver Constantine Toncz lost control of his truck, and struck the woman. Stanek was crushed between Toncz’s truck and another truck parked off the street. She died from injuries caused by the accident. Stanek was a single mother who had two children, aged 4 and 6.

Toncz, a construction worker from Romania was arrested later, and charged with vehicular homicide. After hitting Sabrina, Toncz didn’t stick around to survey the damage. He simply got out of his car, and walked to a relative’s house on the same street.

It now appears that this wasn’t Toncz’s first brush with the law. Since 1993, he had been arrested at least three times, and at the time of the accident, was out of jail on bond on theft charges. He has been charged with first degree vehicular homicide, and driving under the influence of alcohol among other charges.

Residents of Belmont lane where the accident took place, say that motorists like Toncz are a big problem on the road. They say that they frequently have to deal with speeding drivers zipping up and down the street at odd hours. The absence of speed bumps makes it easier for motorists to drive at excessive speeds. They are also complaining about police patrolling in the area, which is inadequate.

According to news reports, Toncz, who appeared in court on Tuesday, showed very little remorse for his actions. For the safety of other motorists on the road, Georgia drunk driving accident lawyers hope that Toncz is put away for a long time.

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