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GOHS App to Help Prevent Drunk Driving Car Accidents in Georgia

Getting home safe when you are under the influence of alcohol should be much easier for Atlanta motorists.The Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety has released a smartphone app that is meant to help drivers find a sober ride home after their New Year’s celebrations. Some of the worst auto accidents seen in the office of a personal injury lawyer involve drunk drivers. Inevitably, these car accidents result in the most serious types of personal injury and very often involve a wrongful death.

The New Year’s Eve holidays typically see large numbers of serious and fatal accidents involving intoxicated motorists.The alcohol flows freely over New Year’s, and according to some statistics, more drunk driving take place during this holiday than any other holiday of the year.This year, the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety issued technology to reach out to motorists, and help them get a safe ride home.

The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety collaborated with a number of safety partners to compile a list of sober ride programs that intoxicated motorists were able to access to make sure that they reach home safe on New Year’s.The list of programs was compiled and made available as a smartphone application.The application is called Drive Sober Georgia.You can still download the application on your iPhone or Android phones.

All people have to do to get a safe and sober ride home is use this app, and it’ll guide you through the process.No matter where you were in Georgia this past New Year’s Eve, you could access the application to find a safe ride home, like the Tow-to-Go program by the AAA, which allows motorists to get their cars towed home safely.

The app can be used not just by the intoxicated motorist looking for a ride home, but also party hosts who want to make sure that their guests reach home safely.Atlanta car accident lawyers encourage people who go out in groups to designate a sober driver to take everyone home.Having a “designated driver” is the key the safety when you are out driving. Unfortunately, staying sober is easier said than done, and a sober driver may end up having a few drinks and not be a position to drive people home.Party hosts can be more responsible, and use the app to find a safe ride home for guests.If you hosted a party this past New Year’s Eve, this app may be something that you should look into if you plan to have another party next year.

If your guests go off driving under the influence, they may change forever the lives of another person or family as well as their own life if they are in a drunk driving accident.In addition, their chances of being arrested for DUI increase significantly because of increased law enforcement activity during this period of time.The Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over campaign is currently underway across Georgia, and is specifically targeted at pulling intoxicated motorists off the road.

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