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Georgia Truck Driver Completes Two Million Accident Free Miles

A truck driver in Georgia is being feted for completing two million miles of driving his truck without a single accident. Ken Truman of Gray in Jones County is a driver with Con-Way Freight Company where he has been working since 1988. According to Con-Way, Truman is the 88th driver in the history of the company to complete the two million accident-free miles benchmark. That is a remarkable achievement when you consider that the company currently employs 1200 drivers, and has had several more drivers over the last 25 years.

So, what does the super truck driver credit for his unblemished record? According to Truman, it’s the combination of paying attention to detail, avoiding speeding, and being alert to the movement of other vehicles around you. It’s a simple mantra, and one you wish every truck driver on Georgia’s highways would follow. Truman also prepares thoroughly for his day at work. He studies the weather report, and checks his truck and trailers to make sure that all components, including the tires, lights and brakes are functioning properly. A large truck can weigh up to 80,000 pounds and this huge weight can cause truck components and parts to wear out quickly. When this happens, then they have to be replaced as soon as possible or they can malfunction. That’s why constant maintenance of a truck by the trucking company is so important. Drivers also need to do a complete check of all truck components to ensure they are in perfect condition before getting behind the wheel.

Driver fatigue is another major factor behind several major truck accidents in Georgia. Like Truman says, getting enough rest is imperative for a truck driver who can expect to drive many long and lonely miles. A truck driver who has been overworked is likely to doze off at the wheel with disastrous consequences for other vehicles on the road.

Besides, drivers must avoid other negligent driving behaviors that are dangerous even for passenger car drivers, and even more so for large truck drivers. For instance, a speeding truck can take twice as long to brake to a halt as a passenger car. It’s amazing how many truck drivers forget this cardinal rule. A driver at the helm of a massive 18-wheeler simply doesn’t have the luxury of rushing through traffic, no matter how much of a hurry he is in. Unfortunately, truck drivers are constantly under pressure from their employers to deliver loads quicker, causing them to ignore safety practices.

At our Atlanta truck accident lawyer firm, we often see the devastating impact that a truck accident can have on the other vehicles involved. As Mr. Ken Truman proves, these accidents are preventable if drivers take precautions to drive a truck efficiently and safely.

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