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Georgia Roads Are Both Deadly and Desirable

Georgia Has Best and Deadliest Roads in the US

A study published in Reader’s Digest magazine indicates dichotomies in Georgia’s road safety. The state’s roads are some of the best in the country indicated by their position at number 13 on the list. However oddly enough, Georgia’s roads are also mentioned as some of the deadliest in the country, placed at number 20 on a different list.

So, how could our roads be safe and a pleasure to drive on, and still be linked to an inordinate number of accidents and fatalities?

The answer lies in motorist behavior. It appears that Georgia ranks reasonably well in terms of the condition of its roads, far ahead of Texas, Massachusetts, Florida New York and New Jersey, but behind Washington, Wisconsin and Nebraska.While our roads are in good condition, motorists seem to engage in too many undesirable practices, like intoxicated driving and speeding, leading to drunk driving accidents and other collisions.

I-285 in Atlanta finds special mention as one of the worst roads in the country. As Atlanta car accident lawyers and long time residents of the city, we are more than aware of the driving challenges that this road poses. It is notoriously congested, and this generates road rage, cutting other motorists, and other forms of bad driving. Motorist behavior seems to be particularly bad on this particular stretch of highway in Atlanta.

What the study does indicate is that while well-designed, well built and properly maintained roads are huge factors in auto safety, the biggest factor continues to be safe driving practices. Stay within posted speed limits, never drive under the influence, avoid distractions like cell phone use at the wheel, and always wear seat belts, and you could make the best of the worst roads.

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