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Georgia House Passes Ban on Texting While Driving

Georgia House Passes Ban on Texting While Driving

The Georgia House last week passed a bill that will ban texting while driving for all motorists, and cell phone use for motorists below the age of 18. The bill will now go to the Senate, and Atlanta injury lawyers are hoping for the passing of a long-awaited legislation that will reduce the risk of distracted driving on our streets.

Bill 938 was approved by a 134-31 vote. It now goes to the Georgia Senate, and if the Senate does what Atlanta accident lawyers hope it will, then the bill will go to Gov. Sonny Perdue, and finally become law. The sponsor of the bill Rep. Allen Peake, R-Macon, says the bill is a no-brainer, given the widely recognized risks of texting while driving.

The move to ban dangerous practices like sending or receiving text messages while at the wheel, has been gaining momentum across the country. Currently, nine states have a ban on text messaging while driving. Several states have bans on hand-held cell phones. Georgia’s laws won’t go that far, but they will ban cell phone use for some of the most at-risk motorists on our roads – those below the age of 18.

HB 938 will fine violators $50 and $100. Teenage motorists, who violate the ban, can also expect to have two points on their license.. Motorists who cause an accident while they are texting at the wheel may also face double fines and a suspended license.

If it is passed, Bill 938 will be joined by another bill that was passed by the Senate unanimously earlier this month. That bill SB 360, also known as the Caleb Sorohan Asked for Saving Lives by Preventing Texting While Driving, bans texting while driving for all motorists, and will fine violators up to $150. Under the Act, teenage motorists with a second conviction will have their application for a class C license denied.

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