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Georgia DOT Offers Motorcycle Safety Programs

The year’s busiest motorcycling season is just around the corner, and the Georgia Department of Transportation is taking steps to ensure that residents of the metro Atlanta region and around the state stay safe on the streets.

The Georgia Department of Transportation recently reminded Atlanta residents about its motorcycle safety training courses for residents. The announcement was made via an official press release which states that the agency is offering special programs for beginner riders, as well experienced riders who could use a refresher course for their skills.

One course is especially designed for beginner riders. The program will target not just motorcyclists, but also persons riding mopeds and scooters. The program called the BasicRider course is especially suitable for persons who are new to riding on two wheels, one of the most risky forms of traveling on the roads. Motorcycling is a thrilling activity, but it’s also one of the most dangerous and risky. Beginner motorcyclists who take to the streets on their brand new set of wheels, without having undergone a basic rider safety training program are at a higher risk of being involved in a serious or potentially fatal accident.  The BasicRider program aims to equip novice or amateur riders with the skills and training they need to safely navigate Atlanta’s busy streets. The BasicRider program also includes free motorcycles and helmets provided to students.

There is another course, the BasicRider 2, that is geared towards riders with a little more experience. This program gives riders specific exposure on the rider’s own motorcycle, and includes informal question and answer sessions based on the rider’s own riding experiences and challenges faced.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is also offering another program that is geared towards more experienced riders who may want to update their skills. The Advanced Rider program targets seasoned motorcyclists who wish to learn more about safely navigating the increasingly busy streets in the metro Atlanta region. The Advanced Rider recourse is a one-day program that will allow riders to learn how to handle challenging road situations, improve rider perceptions as well road awareness skills, and enhance form.

Whatever the category of rider you belong to, it’s highly recommended that you take a safety training program every year, especially if you are an avid motorcycling enthusiast who rides a lot over the summer. Even seasoned motorcyclists can be involved in accidents. If you are a novice driver, you should not even consider going out on the roads without first taking some type of formal training.

A motorcycle accident almost always results in more serious injuries to the motorcyclist, compared to the occupants in the other car or vehicle also involved in the collision. For this reason, it’s important to have a thorough knowledge of not only the basics of riding, but also being able to navigate the special challenges of riding a motorcycle in Atlanta.

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