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Georgia Cracks Down on Speeding Drivers to Prevent Car Accidents

High speeds are a major factor in car accidents in the metro Atlanta region and across Georgia every year.  Concerned at the growing number of car wrecks involving speeding drivers, Georgia and a number of Southern states are enforcing speed limits and cracking down on errant drivers.

Operation Southern Slow Down is a multi-state initiative that involves a total of five Southern States including Georgia. The week-long campaign this year will see law enforcement officers in all of these states cracking down on speeding drivers.  In the five years that Operation Southern Slow Down has been conducted, Georgia Highway Patrol officers have written down more than 55,000 speeding tickets. Police have also pulled over 3,200 drivers for driving under the influence of alcohol during the week-long enforcement campaign over the past 5 years.

Officers intend to spend a lot of time and attention on speeding drivers in construction work zones. For instance, Interstate 95 and Interstate 16 are currently home to construction zones, and officers will be looking at cracking down on speeding drivers in these areas.  Workers in construction zones are always at a high risk of personal injuries in car accidents, and those risks are amplified when there are speeding drivers in these zones. Speed limits are always posted well before the start of a construction work zone and even through the zone.  Drivers must lower speeds as soon as they see these signs and stick to the posted speed limits as they drive through the construction zone.

According to law enforcement officers, the trend toward high speeds is one that they have seen over the last couple of years.  There has specifically been an increase in the number of motorists driving at triple digit speeds over the last couple of years. Speeds of 120 and 130 mph are far from uncommon these days and these are speeds that are unacceptable on most interstates and highways.

Law enforcement officers have a single piece of advice for drivers – leave from home with plenty of time to reach your destination on time.  They believe that one of the major factors in people driving at high speeds is the rush to get to their destination on time because they are running short of time.  If you leave home with plenty of time to reach their destination, you will not find the need to drive at high speeds.  Plan your route in advance.  If you are travelling on a high traffic route, give yourself a buffer of at least 15 minutes to reach the destination.  Understand that you may not be able to drive at high speeds when you are driving in high -traffic conditions. Remember that it’s not just you, but also other motorists around you who may end up paying the consequences for your actions.

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