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Georgia Car Accident Linked to Dog Attack

Georgia Car Accident Linked to Dog Attack

Police in Henry County are looking for the owner of a pit bull linked to a fatal accident that killed a 14-year-old girl in McDonough.The tragedy unfolded when the girl identified as Miracle Parham, was walking to school earlier this week.She came across a pit bull on the road.The animal began to get aggressive with her, and the young girl backed out into the street.Just then, she was struck by a car, and sustained fatal injuries.

Police will not be pursuing charges against the car driver, but they are actively looking for the owner of the pit bull.They have already spoken with neighbors in the area, and it seems that there are at least two persons in the vicinity who own aggressive pit bulls.In fact, these animals have, in the past, managed to claw their way out from under the fence, and run out onto the street where they intimidated passersby and children.Not surprisingly, both the owners now deny that the dog that chased Miracle belonged to them. The investigation is focusing on these dog owners.

If the police manage to identify the owner of the dog here, he or she is likely to face criminal charges.However, it’s still too early to say what these charges would include, since the investigation is still underway. Miracle’s family has already made it clear that they want the maximum charges to be filed against the owner of the dog.

This should be a lesson to anyone who lives in a neighborhood with dogs.If you see a dog that has managed to escape from its yard, or is behaving aggressively, it’s better to err on the side of caution and call Animal Control officers.You could just be saving someone’s life.

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