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Fulton County Boy Awarded $2.3 Million in Medical Malpractice Award for Botched Circumcision

There could be not a medical malpractice awardthatcould compensate this boy and his family for the unimaginable horror they have been made to suffer.While a Fulton County Jury has awarded them damages of $2.3 million for a circumcision procedure that went wrong, the boy and his family will need counseling for a very long time.

The award relates to the injury caused to the young boy during what should have been a fairly routine circumcision procedure performed soon after he was born. The procedure however ended with the doctor removing a small portion of the tip of the penis. There was bungling on the part of more than one doctor at the hospital, Tenet South Fulton Medical Center where the procedure was performed in 2004. The pediatrician who was informed by a nurse after the boy began to bleed heavily, failed to respond to the call. Due to the negligence and failures of both the doctors, the boy suffered a permanent injury.

In 2006, his mother filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the doctor who performed the circumcision, as well as the pediatrician who failed to respond to an emergency. The jury was convinced that the doctor Haiba Sonyika snipped off a portion of the organ and that the pediatrician Cheryl J. Kendall could have reattached the cut off portion if she had responded to the emergency immediately.The boy has been awarded $1.8 million in damages, while his mother has been awarded an additional award of $500,000. The hospital where the procedure was performed was not found negligent.

The family’s medical malpractice lawyers argued that the boy’s injuries were not only permanent, but may also require future medical attention. The magnitude of the boy’s injuries, which will last for his lifetime and weigh on his mind constantly, appears to have convinced the jury about the need for a substantial verdict. It isn’t just physical injury or limitations that are involved here, but the boy’s sense of self image, his confidence and self esteem, all of which will likely be damaged as he grows older and discovers the extent of his injuries.

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