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Ford, GHSA Partner up to Provide Advanced Novice Driver Training

Novice or inexperienced drivers have some of the highest accident risks of all categories of motorists. Ford Motors and the Governors Highway Safety Association are teaming up to offer young drivers in Atlanta the opportunity to fine- tune their driving skills.

Ford Motor Company conducts the Ford Driving Skills for Life driving clinics across the country, and the company is bringing these programs to Atlanta soon. The clinic is focused on helping newly-licensed drivers improve their driving skills, so that they will be able to drive safely and responsibly

The clinics are designed to help young drivers who have just received their learner’s license learn skills that can significantly help reduce their risks of being involved in an accident. According to Ford, the program focuses on enhancing skills that are related to four critical areas that are responsible for causing a majority of all car accidents-speed management, space management, vehicle handling and hazard recognition.  Problems involving these four areas are responsible for approximately 60% of all car accidents that occur every year. Fine-tuning driving skills that focus on these areas can help novice drivers who do not have a lot of experience behind the wheel handle these challenges safely, understand how to stick to safe speeds, understand how to manage the space around their vehicles and recognize accident risks and manage these before it is too late.

The Ford clinics in Atlanta are brought to you by the Ford Motor Company and the Governor’s Highway Safety Association (GHSA), and will be conducted on September 25 and 26.  The program consists of a half – day course, and is specifically designed for newly licensed drivers.  The only criterion to be eligible for these free programs is to have a new learner’s permit or license. If you have a teenage child who has just received his learner’s permit, we encourage you to visit the Ford-GHSA clinic along with your child as he learns important driving skills. The program specifically encourages parents to participate in and attend the sessions along with their children. The program is free of cost, and participants will be provided a vehicle to use for the purpose of the clinic. Your child will need this program even if he has already undergone a driver education program.  These are next –level skills that will be invaluable as he goes on to become an independent driver.

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