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Focus on Preventing Distracted Driving Car Accidents in Georgia This April

As Atlanta injury attorney I often notice people using cell phones while driving almost every day as we drive to work.Such behaviors significantly increase their risk of an auto accident, including those that result in serious personal injury.Unfortunately, this isn’t just a fad that affects the young and teen drivers, but a dangerous phenomenon that also touches most motorists.This April, the focus will be on minimizing the number of accidents every year in Georgia caused due to distracted driving, as national and local transportation safety agencies mark National Distracted Driving Month. Reducing distracted driving is probably one of the best ways to decrease the overall number of car accidents in Atlanta and throughout Georgia.

April was set as National Distracted Driving Month through a special move by Congress, and across the country including Georgia, state and local transportation agencies will mark the month with special efforts to crack down on distracted drivers, and raise awareness about these practices.While much of the focus on distracted drivers this month is likely to be on those using cell phones while driving, there are all kinds of other distractions that increase the risk of an accident.In fact, some studies estimate that approximately 80% of all accidents are caused by some kind of distractions.These include motorists using cell phones, texting, changing radio stations, snacking, reading newspapers, applying makeup, and performing any other activities that take their eyes away from the road and their hands off the steering wheel.

However, the risk from the use of cell phones and other electronic communication devices while driving is especially greater, because cell phones can be found in almost every car.Besides, in a tough economy, American workers have felt under greater pressure than ever to constantly stay in touch with the office 24/7, even while they’re driving. There is also an entire section of Atlanta’s population that has been raised on Facebook and MySpace. For these drivers, not being in touch with their friends 24/7 via smart phone is, quite simply, unthinkable.

It is these challenges that we need to make a special effort towards this April.

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