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Flintstone, Georgia Man is Safest Truck Driver in Georgia Avoiding Truck Accidents for 41 Years

As Atlanta truck accident attorneys, we don’t hesitate when it comes to holding truck drivers responsible for their negligence if it results in truck accidents. So, it’s only fair that we acknowledge truck drivers who have an exemplary driving record. This week, UPS inducted 49 Georgians into its elite Circle of Honor organization. These are truck drivers in Atlanta and throughout Georgia who are helping keep our roads safe by avoiding truck accidents.

The Circle of Honor includes only those UPS drivers who have completed 25 years of safe driving. This year was a record year for new Circle of Honor inductees. There were 1,122 new honorees worldwide into the Circle of Honor this year, the highest in any year for the company.

With Georgia’s 49 new UPS drivers who are in the Circle of Honor, Georgia now has 232 active UPS Circle of Honor drivers. These drivers have among them 6,670 years of combined safe driving experience. The safest UPS truck driver in Georgia is Flintstone-based Robert Millican Junior, who has an impressive 41 years of accident- free driving to his credit.

Atlanta truck drivers deserve special kudos. The city’s UPS drivers are among the safest on any road in the country. They log 3 billion miles a year, and an average of one accident for every million miles driven.

A quick look at Georgia’s safest UPS drivers over the past few years reveals that for many of these drivers, the secret to safe truck driving is simply a matter of focus, concentration and preparation. Many of these drivers have been driving since before technology in the form of dashboard computers and texting devices, invaded tractor-trailer cabs. A truck driver who is diligent and aware of the enormous responsibility he has, will refrain from using cell phones, texting devices and dashboard computers while the truck is in motion. Besides, a truck driver who takes the time to conduct a complete checkup of the rig before he begins driving, is less likely to meet with accident.

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