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Feds Warn of Hacking, Safety Risks Involving Self-Driven Cars

The hype over self-driven cars continues to increase, even as the federal officials warn that automakers must innovate while keeping in mind concerns involving privacy and hacking.
Hackers recently proved that they were capable of hacking a car remotely, and operating it. In a daring stunt, they managed to seize control of a Jeep Cherokee, and operated it from the comfort of their living room. Cyber security concerns are even higher in the case of self-driven cars that are very vulnerable to such malicious practices. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) chief recently said that issues like privacy and hacking must be priorities, as automakers innovate further in the development of cars that will drive themselves.

NHTSA has assured the auto industry that it will share some of the vehicle-to-vehicle technology that self-driven cars would be based on. The government also wants a number of parties including software developers and telecommunications companies to work together to find solutions to cyber security threats and privacy breaches in these cars. The agency wants the auto industry to take safety lessons from the airline industry.

Traffic Accident Risks Involving Self-driven Cars

The agency had earlier warned about the risks of traffic accidents involving self-driven cars. Those concerns have been proven valid. Google’s very own self-driven car was recently involved in an accident. The accident resulted in some injuries, and Google blames the motorist who rear-ended its car for the accident. The injuries were reported to be minor, and according to Google, the other motorist seemed distracted, and was unable to stop in time to avoid hitting the self-driven car.

As cars become more technologically advanced, and the concept of the driverless car becomes a reality, it is important for automakers to know that the risks and threats facing motorists are now higher than ever.Not only will motorists face the risk of distracted and drunk drivers, but also even more complex dangers involved with self-driven automobiles.

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