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Feds Release New Bus Safety Rules to Prevent Accidents

A series of fatal and serious bus accidents recently have resulted in new proposals to enhance bus safety for American passengers, and prevent serious accidents.The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, this week announced a new set of proposals to minimize the risk of bus crashes. As an Atlanta injury lawyer, I only hope that the proposed regulations are enacted. The regulations then need to be monitored over time and strengthened where necessary. Bus accidents are far more serious than car accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents and many truck accidents due to the number of persons who have the potential of suffering personal injuries.

There have been several bus accidents over the past two years that have indicated the need for new safety regulations that can help deal with some of the serious bus safety issues that we currently face. The new proposals aim to do that.For instance, one of the issues that have bothered Atlanta bus accident attorneys has been the fact that bus companies find it too easy to reappear under a new name and address after one of their vehicles has been involved in a fatal accident.The new rule would create a federal standard that would help determine whether a carrier used to exist under a different name earlier.This would close current loopholes that allow carriers to resurface a few months after a serious accident, under a new name.

The new proposals also make it tougher for commercial drivers to get their licenses.Under the proposals, a driver would need to have a commercial driver’s learner’s permit before he can receive his commercial driver’s license.Besides, the federal agency wants to establish a uniform CDL testing standard across the country.

For the first time, consumers are being included in the loop.The new rules will allow consumers to verify the safety record of the bus company by visiting the FMCSA’s bus safety website.Consumers can look up a carrier’s safety record and other essential information before a journey.

The new rules sound very promising, and do a good job of addressing the safety issues to which Atlanta bus accident lawyers have been drawing attention.

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