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Feds Propose Back Over Cameras to Prevent Pedestrian Accidents

Every year, approximately 228 people are killed in back over pedestrian accidents that are caused when drivers are backing out their cars, and fail to notice pedestrians behind. Approximately 100 of those wrongful deaths every year include little children, who are tragically killed when their parents are backing out of the garage and run over them. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has now proposed backup camera systems that would prevent such accidents.

According to the NHTSA, more than 70,000 injuries occur in back over pedestrian accidents every year. Of these, more than 2,000 injuries involve little children. According to the federal agency, every year, between 95 and 112 lives could be saved in back over pedestrian accidents if such cameras are mandated in all vehicles. Besides, installation of these cameras could prevent up to 8,300 injuries. The NHTSA plans to require automakers to have these backup camera systems installed in 10% of their vehicles by September 2012, 40% of their vehicles by September 2013, and in all their vehicles by September 2014.

The biggest tragedy in most back over accidents involving children, is that the person driving the car is usually a parent, grandparent or a close relative. These pedestrian accidents often involve bigger vehicles, like sports utility vehicles and minivans. These vehicles are also heavily popular with families. Blind spots in a motorist’s rear vision may block a little child who is playing, walking or standing behind a car, with terrible consequences.

As Atlanta car accident lawyers, we know the devastating emotional toll that an accident like this can wreak. The tragedy is that many of these pedestrian accidents can be prevented by installing backup cameras, which are easily available in the market. These cameras are inexpensive, costing only between $159 and $203.

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